Employers must disclose aggregate cost of employer-sponsored coverage provided to employees on 2012 W-2 Forms (issued in 2013). Employers issuing less than 250 W2 are currently exempt from this requirement.    Health Care Reform requires dependents to be covered on health insurance till 26th birthday.
  How Tycho can help Growing Business?  

You know IT, you have started your own company, worked hard and now it's time to reap the rewards of your efforts. Now more than ever your decisions can help or harm your established company. You want a partner / advisor who

  1. Is an expert and has domain knowledge of the subject matter.
  2. Can be trusted and a fair minded person.
  3. Knows that it took great efforts to attract and retain valuable employees and it is imperative to keep them happy.
  4. Understands that your organization has matured and each decision must be vetted a multiple  times.
  5. Knows there are structures and processes in place and how he can enhance them and add  value.
  6. Knows that the aim of the organization is to keep abreast with the current trends and environment.
  7. Understands that minimizing your risks and exposures are the key elements and your processes and operations need constant review and monitoring.
  8. Has been there and has a proven track record.

We at Tycho Insurance Services have helped establish businesses by providing the right advise and services to mitigate or minimize potential risks. We are experts in employee benefits and corporate insurance and know which policies are best equipped to safeguard and protect the company. We have the technology and tools to make your organization runs efficiently with a better sense of security for yourself and your employees.

Give us a call or email us and you will see how efficient and diligent we are in our workings and the vast employee benefits and corporate insurance knowledge we bring to your side.
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