Employers must disclose aggregate cost of employer-sponsored coverage provided to employees on 2012 W-2 Forms (issued in 2013). Employers issuing less than 250 W2 are currently exempt from this requirement.    Health Care Reform requires dependents to be covered on health insurance till 26th birthday.
  How Tycho can help Growing Business?  

Now that you have done the initial hard work and got your company off the ground you are experiencing the growing pains of a new business.  Whether you are getting new clients or establishing your brand, you will face cash flows issues and not yet a fully structured organization. You need a partner who can take away your pain points so you focus on your customers. Your partner of choice should know that

  1. You are focused on getting your quintessential customer, expanding your market share and servicing existing customers.
  2. You can see the growth path and need to manage your cash flow.
  3. You don't have a fully staffed and structured admin, HR and accounting department.
  4. You need an expert in each field who can guide you and help you in avoiding costly or fatal mistakes.
  5. You need someone who understands your growth mode and constantly monitors your organization,  suggesting ways to protect your company at minimal cost.
  6. You need a partner who operates at your pace and at the same time makes sure that your company is compliant with the relevant state, federal and HR laws.
  7. You need a partner who can establish and implement Best Practices in your organization and help you grow.

At Tycho Insurance we have worked with growing businesses in various industries and have become their trusted partner in insurance and benefits. We constantly monitor your ever changing situation and provide updates, recommendations and reduce your exposure. We are experts in employee benefits, business and commercial insurance.

We are at the cutting edge of technology, so we offer the best to our customers without any additional costs involved. We are flexible and can become your in-house resource for benefits, insurance and HR related matters.

Let us show you how we are different from others and yet provide exceptional service and advise. Simply fill this form and see the Tycho difference. 


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