Employers must disclose aggregate cost of employer-sponsored coverage provided to employees on 2012 W-2 Forms (issued in 2013). Employers issuing less than 250 W2 are currently exempt from this requirement.    Health Care Reform requires dependents to be covered on health insurance till 26th birthday.
  How Tycho Insurance can help STARTUPS?  

Congratulations on initiating your startup, which you might have been contemplating for the last few months or even years. You would want to make sure every decision you take is in sync with your broader goals and objectives and want the following from all your partners:
1.    They are trustworthy and reliable.
2.    They know that you are working 24/7 and need a partner who works your hours.
3.    They are experts in their field and can guide & advise you.
4.    They know that you are bootstrapping and trying creative ways to manage costs.
5.    They know that your focus in on developing your product, company and the core team.
6.    They will help in charting a time frame of what actions need to be taken and when.
7.    They will help you in complying with federal, state laws and minimize risks due to  business exposure.
8.    They understand that you may not have a fully functional HR / Benefits department and they will fill in the gap for you.
9.    They know the Best Practices to follow and implement those that are relevant and beneficial to your organization.
10.  They are tech savvy and are privy to the new trends and systems.
Being based in Silicon Valley, CA  Tycho Insurance (www.insureAstartup.com) has all the experience and knowledge of working with clients that are in a startup mode. We keep your goals and financial situation in mind when recommending a path. Rest assured that you will  not find a more trusted partner when it comes to insurance and employee benefits.
We know what are the pitfalls to avoid and what are the MUST-DO's when you start a new business to minimize overhead and exposure.
Give us a call or email us and we can start helping you right away by first reviewing your current policies (if any), then gather information, assess risk and recommend ways to reduce or eliminate exposure and risks. You can also start the process by filling this short form.

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